I met Kerry Kelley at his booth at the Southpoint Arena in December 2016 during the World Series Roping. I have a heel mare who has a narrow mouth, similar to some of the cutting horses that I’ve seen, and was in search for a well-balanced bit that would fit her. Also, we use our horses for branding, sorting and other activities outside of team roping so I was looking for some lighter bits for those activities. I ran into a friend from Texas who knew my mare and he recommended I look at the bits in Kerry’s booth. I asked my friend which bit he thought would suit my mare, and he told me I that I needed them all. I laughed and quickly found Kerry to discuss what I was looking for. I ended up purchasing the 02-S-20 Slowtwist Half Dropball and a J2 short mouthpiece on a N75 shank. Kerry requested that I contact him if I wasn’t happy with either of these bits which immediately impressed me that he had so much confidence in his products. I got home from Vegas and immediately tried the bits out on my mare and several of our other rope horse (3 head horses and 2 heel horses)… I quickly realized my friend from Texas was right… I needed them all! I placed another order with Kerry online for a few of the others in our remuda and our Texas friend sent us a pair of Kerry Kelley spurs as a gift. I am not only impressed with the quality and performance of the bits and spurs but with the customer service and knowledge that Kerry and his team offers. I am no bit expert but I do know when they work and it’s nice to know I have an expert who can understand my riding goals and recommend the right bit for the job!!

- Gin Stoneback, Fort Lupton, Colorado

My 18 y/o Head Horse has learned every trick. I could not keep him stood up until I discovered KK's twisted correction bit. He's back doing it!

- Bryan Beaver

Couldn't be happier with my custom spurs!! Would recommend you to anyone! Great customer service, fast turn around and delivery, and the craftsmanship is second to none!! So happy to have done business with you! Thank you again!

- Lee Graham

They get better everyday!! Thank you for your awesome workmanship and attention to detail :)

- Casey

We appreciate the quality of craftsmanship that goes into Kerry Kelly bits, spurs and buckles.

- Martha Lewis

Thank you Kerry for a BEAUTIFUL pair of spurs! Love, love, love them!

- Amy Cox Quinn

I love my Kerry Kelley Al Dunning bit! I use it on a lot of horses and won the ACHA $500 and $1200 Novice in Alberta Canada in June with it!

- Bob Lee

Thanks for the quick delivery on the bit. I really like the quality and the way it looks. The ordering process was easy and I really liked that. I'll be sure and check back if I need another bit. Thanks again

- David Beggs

"They get better everyday!! Thank you for your awesome workmanship and attention to detail :)"