Like a scene from an old western movie, the 100-year-old appearance of Kerry Kelley’s retail store is an eye catcher for those who pass and stop by. The 2000 sq. ft. building not only has an amazing eye appeal from the outside, but continues its historic and western aesthetic which can be seen when walking through the front entrance. While the building stands to display the incredible merchandise, it is evident that Kelley put great thought into making the store visually appealing and ensures that his customers are given a very unique retail experience. 

At the store, Kelley has full-time employees who welcome customers with a warm smile and a friendly face. Whether it be assisting customers in picking out a product that will fit their specific needs, or finding the perfect gift for someone special, they are always happy to help and answer any questions. 

The main goal that Kelley strives to achieve is making the shopping experience enjoyable and comfortable for all of his guests. He invites those who are ever in or around Weatherford, Texas to come stop in!

Kerry Kelley Bits & Spurs Retail StoreKerry Kelley Bits & Spurs